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Dear Friends in St Nicholas’,
Welcome to the Summer edition of our Parish News magazine! This magazine always has a slightly different ‘flavour’ to it as we move into the holiday season. Many of our parish organisations take a break from the normal pattern of activities and other things take their place. I hope that you will take a moment or two to leaf through these pages and familiarise yourself with some of the things that we plan over the summer and join us where you are able and pray for these activities if you can’t join us in person.

I want to begin with a word of thanks and appreciation. The parish Sunday School had their prize-giving and finished for the summer last month. At this time Mr Lynn Rodgers has retired as Superintendent, leaving a role that he has fulfilled with great diligence and faithfulness for about fifteen years. He has given unstintingly of himself over that time to the task of telling children the message of Jesus from the Bible week by week and we owe him a debt of great gratitude for that. He has also been faithful in reminding the children that they are part of a worldwide family through the project of supporting the Child Outreach Mission run by Emmanuel in Tabora. As he retires as Superintendent, we say “Thank You, Lynn” - we are most grateful for all that you have given to the children of St Nicholas’ church and to our friends in Tanzania.

The children are not forgotten about over the summer! On Sundays we will be glad to welcome them to the Sunday Funday Club which meets in the church hall each week over the summer during the 11am Sunday morning service.

We will also look forward to welcoming children of primary school age to our annual Holiday Bible Club which takes place in the Church Hall each morning during the first week in July. ‘TeamBuilders’ will invite the boys and girls to look at characters from the Bible and discover what they did as part of God’s team. There will be fun and games as we learn together from the Bible and discover that we too are invited to be a part of God’s team. More details can be found elsewhere in this magazine - please do tell any of the children that you know that we’d love to welcome them along!

Our Sunday evening services have been enriched over the last couple of years as we have shared worship with our neighbours in Joymount Presbyterian Church. During July and August we have worshipped together in each other’s buildings and enjoyed fellowship around the word of God and over a cup of tea after the services - and we have been blessed! We are delighted that this year we will also be joined in these shared evenings by our friends from Carrickfergus Methodist Church! Each church will host the evening service on three Sunday evenings and clergy from the other churches will preach. Full details of the pattern of services can be found in this magazine - please do come and share with us on Sunday evenings!

Prayer is such a vital part of our lives as Christian people. It gives us the opportunity to join in the activity of God as we pray for His will to be done in our lives and in His world. I am grateful to Ann McVeigh for the very helpful ‘prayer diary’ that you will find again in the centre of this magazine which will help us pray together each day. Please do make good use of it.  If you are able to join us, we’d love to have you come along as we move out of the church building on July 9th and August 13th for two Summer Prayer Walks. We’ll meet at the church building at 7 pm and then walk round the town for a little while, being prompted to pray by the people and places that we see and meet. Do come and join us - especially if you haven’t experienced a prayer walk before!! It’s a great way to engage with God and his world (and don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with!)

Finally, a very practical request. Like all other organisations, St Nicholas’ is subject to the new Data Protection regulations and we need to make sure that the contact information that we have about you is accurate and that we have your consent to hold it. In the magazine you’ll find a page with a form on it - would you fill in the details for your family and have each member sign it before returning it to us. Doing so is very important if we are going to be able to keep in touch with you in the years that lie ahead. Thank you for your patience and help in this matter.

I hope that you have a lovely summer - we look forward to seeing you soon.

With love in Jesus,


Monday 2nd — Friday 6th July
10.30 am—12.30 pm
St Nicholas’ Church Halls

All Primary School Children welcome

Flowers in Church July 2018

1st    Vacant
8th    The Hanna Family—For Liz
8th    The Lutton Family—In memory of Cecil
15th    Roy, Eddie & Tina—In memory of our parents & our niece Tracey
22nd     Vacant
29th     Vacant

Flowers in Church August 2018

5th    Vacant
12th    Vacant
19th    The Bannister Family—In memory of Reuben
26th    Dianne Innes – Anniversary Flowers

If you would like to donate flowers for the Sanctuary please fill your name in against the appropriate space on the Flower List in the main porch.  As these details go into Parish News we would ask, if possible, that you add your name against the chosen date to the list in the church at least 6 weeks in advance.

Update from Trevor & Andrea

Greetings from a warm and sunny Gothenburg! Sweden enjoyed the hottest and driest May on record and we are not complaining! The weather is perfect for our church grill evenings that are planned throughout the summer (11 in total).  These are an opportunity to invite along family and friends who are not believers. After we eat, on each of these nights, we will have a short evangelistic talk on the life of Jesus.

Praise God for a great turnout for the first of these evenings recently. We had around 50 in total, including unsaved family members from Bolivia, an Indian friend from one of Trevor’s first language classes, D from Eritrea who has been coming to language café and a Syrian mum with her 3 kids from the refugee centre.

Please pray for M’s very challenging situation. She fled war in Syria, travelling by raft to Europe. After she became a Christian, she was forced to flee from her husband who tried to kill her. She now finds herself alone here in Sweden with her 3 kids, waiting to hear if she will be sent back to Greece, where her ex-husband awaits her to take revenge and take the kids away from her. Life at the refugee camp is not easy either.  They have been attacked by Muslims for being Christian and her two boys have twice been physically attacked. 

Please pray for the protection of this family and that the police would be able to respond effectively to this serious and distressing situation.

Please pray regarding the finance of the two books we plan to launch at the Equipped conference this autumn. The books are now ready to go for printing but we are still some way short of the required funding.

Praise God for another opportunity for the girls to go to camps this summer in N.I. Pray that God would use these to shape and mould them into the young ladies that he would have them be.

We have family holiday time 19thJune -3rd July. Pray that this would be an opportunity to unwind and relax together and for spiritual refreshment.
Trevor, Andrea, Emily, Grace & Alice xx

Prayer Diary – July 2018

The monthly Prayer Dairy included in Parish News is designed to help us pray each day of the month for a different aspect of our parish life, our community and our nation.  It also includes prayer for situations, communities and individuals in other parts of the world.  Each Prayer Diary begins with a Prayer of the Month.  Keep it to hand and use as part of your daily devotions.

A suggested pattern for daily devotions:

1. Read a portion of Scripture.
2. Thank God for what you have learned from His Word.
3. Confess your sin.
4. Use the Lord’s Prayer.
5. Use the Prayer of the Month.
6. Pray for others and for yourself, including the topic of the day.

Prayer of the Month
Lord of all power and might, the author and giver of all good things: Graft in our hearts the love of your name, increase in us true religion, nourish us with all goodness, and of your great mercy keep us in the same; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.     


1ST JULY – SUNDAY (5th Sunday after Trinity)
While our Sunday School teachers enjoy a well earned break, today our Sunday Funday Club begins.  Pray for the children and helpers.  Pray for the selection of a new Sunday School superintendent.  Pray for this evening’s service at Joymount with our Methodist and Presbyterian friends.

2nd July – Monday
Our Holiday Bible Club, Team Builders, looking at characters from the Old and New Testament, begins this morning.  Pray that we would have a good response from families in our town as the children today learn about Joseph.

3rd July – Tuesday
This year’s Streetreach is focused in Crumlin and Glenavy and gets under way with a dinner and worship in Glenavy Parish Hall.  Pray for a successful week and for all participating.  Pray for the children at our Holiday Bible Club as they learn about today’s ‘Team Builder’ Moses.

4th July – Wednesday
Give thanks for all those who are giving their time and energy leading and helping at our Holiday Bible Club, this morning, focusing on Esther.  Pray for those attending as well as for the congregation at Holy Communion.

5th July – Thursday
Jesus is today’s ‘Team Builder’ at the Holiday Bible Club.  Pray for this morning’s activities and pray for us, that we would be ready to fulfil the role He has for us as part of His team.

6th July – Friday
As Holiday Bible Club comes to an end with a look at ‘Team Builder’ Paul, pray that seeds would have been sewn this week and that by God’s Will lives would be won for Christ.

7th July – Saturday
In Tabora Diocese Bishop Elias Chakupewa continues his Confirmation Safari.  Pray for safe travel for him and his driver and for good health and stamina.  Also in Tabora pray for Shadrack, Emmanuel’s father, as he recovers from the physical and mental scars following a recent assault.

8TH JULY – SUNDAY (6th Sunday after Trinity)
Pray for today’s services, giving thanks for the team providing refreshments following this morning’s Service of the Word.

9th July – Monday
Pray for this evening’s Prayer Walk around the town centre.

10th July – Tuesday
Pray for Mark Smith and the congregation of City Church in Dublin.  Give thanks for their lease extension and pray that accommodation difficulties will be resolved so that the work of spreading the gospel would continue.

11th July – Wednesday
This evening bonfires are lit across Northern Ireland.  Pray for the safety of all those celebrating and for our police, fire and ambulance service members on duty tonight.  Remember too those anxious for the security of their homes.

12th July – Thursday
Pray for respect and tolerance at today’s demonstrations; that parades would pass off peacefully.

13th July – Friday
Pray for Trevor and Andrea Watson in Sweden.  Give thanks for lives touched by their mission and that Emily, Grace and Alice are well settled.

14th July – Saturday
Pray for George and Nadine, for Cameron and Alex and for Brian and Valerie that they will enjoy some family time away from parish duties over the summer months and return to us refreshed in body and spirit.

15TH JULY – SUNDAY (7th Sunday after Trinity)
This evening’s service is the last combined service in Joymount for this summer.  Give thanks for the fellowship enjoyed there.  Pray for our services.

16th July – Monday
Pray for the Holiday Bible Clubs taking place in the other churches in Carrickfergus over the coming weeks.

17th July – Tuesday
Pray for the dying and those close to them, that they may know Christ and together draw nearer to Him, taking strength and courage from His love.

18th July – Wednesday
While our Small Groups take a break, this evening, a Summer Bible Study begins in the Church Halls.  Pray for all who will join in this seven week study.

19th July – Thursday
As Bishop Alan continues his sabbatical, pray for him and for Archdeacons Paul Dundas, Stephen McBride and George Davison, carrying out Diocesan duties during his absence.

20th July – Friday
Give thanks for the teams of parishioners who clean our church and halls.

21st July – Saturday
Pray for those who visit our church.  Pray for tour guides and helpers and for opportunities to demonstrate our faith and share the Gospel with strangers.

22ND JULY – SUNDAY (8th Sunday after Trinity)
As we meet this evening in Carrick Methodist Church, once again give thanks for this combined fellowship.  Pray for this morning’s services and remember our Sunday school teachers during their summer break.

23rd July – Monday
Pray for the sick, especially those who are in pain.

24th July – Tuesday
Pray for Open Doors.  Pray especially for Christians in Sudan, Eritrea and Laos.

25th July – Wednesday
Pray for TEARFUND.

26th July – Thursday
Catherine Milligan is for many the friendly voice on the end of the telephone when they contact the church office.  Give thanks for Catherine and her friendly efficient administration of our Parish Office.

27th July – Friday
As the different groups, working with our children and young people take a break, pray for leaders.  Pray that they and we would have the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and the vulnerable at the forefront of our minds.  Pray for the Safeguarding Trust team.

28th July – Saturday
Pray for those recently bereaved.

29TH JULY – SUNDAY (9th Sunday after Trinity)
Crosslinks Senior Camp begins today at Castlewellan Castle.  Pray for its leaders and for all the young people attending.  Pray for our church services.

30th July – Monday
Pray for Emmanuel and those who work with him in Good News Clubs.  Pray that he will find a mission partner to support him in God’s service.

31st July – Tuesday
Pray for those who have, or will, take part in short-term mission this summer.

Prayer Diary – August 2018

Prayer of the Month
Merciful God, you know that we live in the midst of many dangers and temptations, and that because we are weak and frail we cannot always stand firm.  Grant us strength and protection to support us in all dangers and carry us through all temptations, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.                 (Prayers for various occasions)


1st August – Wednesday
Pray for the Summer Bible Study which continues this evening.

2nd August – Thursday
One month before our Confirmation service, pray for the six young people and three adults who are Confirmation candidates.  Pray for our Bishop Alan Abernethy as he continues his sabbatical.

3rd August – Friday
Pray for the young people and their parents awaiting exam results this month.  Pray for wise advice for them as they examine their future options.

4th August – Saturday
New Horizon gets underway today at the University of Ulster, Coleraine Campus.  As it marks its 30th anniversary, give thanks for its success and pray for this year’s Bible Teaching with Rikk Watts, and for speakers Philip Yancey, Sam Allberry and Ken Clarke.

5TH AUGUST – SUNDAY (10th Sunday after Trinity)
On this our last Sunday evening at Carrickfergus Methodist church, give thanks for the fellowship we have enjoyed there.  Pray for this morning’s Holy Communion services and for those reading the lessons each week.  Remember the children and volunteers at the Sunday Funday Club.

6th August – Monday
Pray for our Treasurer Linda Mulvenny and for the team who assist her by recording FWO giving.

7th August – Tuesday
Our Select Vestry has no meeting scheduled this month but pray for the members of our Select Vestry and for its various sub-committees.  Pray that planned work in our church and halls will be carried out in a timely and efficient manner.  Pray for those who clean our church and halls.

8th August – Wednesday
Pray for the team at CMS Ireland.

9th August – Thursday
Give thanks for those who volunteer for the various rescue services that operate around our coasts, inland waterways, and in mountain rescue.

10th August – Friday
As New Horizon comes to an end, give thanks for all who have contributed to its success; for those involved in organisation, for volunteers, for leaders and speakers, for those who have given financial support and for individuals and families who have attended this week.

11th August – Saturday
Pray for Mark and Andrea Watson, for their continuing mission in Gothenburg; for Equipped: Sweden and this autumn’s ‘Equipped Conference’.

12TH AUGUST – SUNDAY (11th Sunday after Trinity)
The Crosslinks Junior Camp gets underway today at Fivemiletown College.  Pray for all involved in this camp.  Pray for our own church services, especially for this evening’s service when we will be joined by the congregations of Joymount Presbyterian and Carrick Methodist churches.

13th August – Monday
A second Prayer Walk is planned for this month.  Pray for this and for the prayer life of our church and for the compilation of September’s prayer diary.

14th August – Tuesday
Pray for our Women’s Fellowship committee’s planning for the new session.

15th August – Wednesday
Pray for the Middle East; for peace in that part of the world and for the work previously carried out by MECO.

16th August – Thursday
Pray for the sick, for those awaiting surgery or exploratory procedures.

17th August – Friday
Pray for those feeling lonely or isolated; for the elderly and frail no longer able to live active lives and confined to home, for those of whatever age living away from the familiar.  Pray for carers whose dedication often means that they have lost the freedom to enjoy a social life and perhaps feel guilty about time away from caring duties.

18th August – Saturday
We often assume that Christians face persecution from members of other faiths, but pray today for Christians in Mexico and Columbia who are targeted by criminal gangs.  Pray for Open Doors.

19TH AUGUST – SUNDAY (12th Sunday after Trinity)
Once again give thanks for the truths of God’s Word opened to us each week in St Nicholas’, by George, Brian and Cameron.

20th August – Monday
Pray for our Senior Moments, for its committee and for its continued growth.

21st August - Tuesday
Remember today those who are recently bereaved.

22nd August – Wednesday
Pray for those preparing for Ordination at the end of training for ministry.

23rd August – Thursday
This morning the next issue of Parish News will be assembled.  Pray for Catherine and her team and for magazine distributors.

24th August – Friday
Pray for the leaders of our uniformed organisations and our Busy Bees Parent and Toddler Group.

25th August – Saturday
Pray for the Church and for Youth and Children’s Ministry in Tabora Diocese.

26TH AUGUST – SUNDAY (13th Sunday after Trinity)
As we conclude our combined evening fellowship, give thanks once again, for the freedom we have, to come together as a Christian people.  Pray for Mission Carrickfergus and for all our services in St Nicholas’ today.

27th August – Monday
The Mothers’ Union offers practical help and support to families and communities around the world.  Pray today for Mother’s Union worldwide.

28th August – Tuesday
This week for many children the summer holiday is over.  Pray especially for children starting a new school and for young people going into further education or the world of work.

29th August – Wednesday
As the Summer Bible Study ends, pray for the new study series for our Small Groups, and for a hunger to study God’s Word.

30th August – Thursday
Pray for persecuted Christians in Pakistan and India.

31st August – Friday
Pray for our nation, for our government at Westminster and Prime Minister Theresa May; for movement towards the restoration of devolved government at Stormont and for the continuing Brexit negotiations.

In everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.  Philippians 4 v 6

Church Open for Visitors – Summer 2018
Saturday 2nd June – Tuesday 4th September
Saturday:  11.00 am – 1.00 pm
Tuesday:  2.00 pm – 3.30 pm

European Heritage Open Days
Saturday 8th September:  11.00 am – 3.00 pm
Sunday 9th September:  2.00 pm – 4.00 pm


Just before the term ended in June, the children had been looking at the beginning of the early Church in Acts chapters 1 and 2.  Crucial to the foundation of the early church was the fact that the apostles ‘were all filled with the Holy Spirit’.  We also read that the Holy Spirit was not restricted to a chosen few but was available to everyone.  There was however a condition attached, as Peter explained: “change your hearts and lives and be baptised, ….. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  This promise is for you, (Jewish people), for your children and for all who are far away (Gentile people).  It is for everyone the Lord our God calls to himself.”  Note that this is a promise, it will happen and we have the means to ensure we receive this gift.  It is dependent on change, a change of motivation resulting in a change of lifestyle, a complete turnaround from their and our former way of living.

That same promise is still active today.  For those who don’t know the effect of the Holy Spirit in their lives, self needs to be put aside and Jesus invited in to fill that space.  Lives will then be changed and the Holy Spirit will rule those lives previously controlled by selfishness.  It is good to let our children know that there is a better way to live than being selfish and that is to invite the Holy Spirit to run their lives.  If they don’t they will only make a mess of it and that won’t please God at all.

Our Sunday School team wish all the boys and girls and Bible Class youngsters and their families a great Summer break.  We look forward to seeing them all back again on Sunday 9th September.

Crosslinks Senior Camp takes place from Saturday 28th July, for a week, in Castlewellan Castle.  Please pray for all young people attending, for safety, for great Bible teaching and for lasting friendships.  There are 6 young people from St Nicholas’ attending, Sam and Luke, Lois and Caitlin, John and Abigail.  We look forward to hearing all about their exploits when they return.

Childrens outreach mission
The preparation of these notes comes before receiving Emmanuel’s latest Newsletter however one thing has dominated the emails received over the past several weeks.  Emmanuel’s Father was viciously attacked by someone wielding a machete.  He received a very nasty wound to his head.  Apart from the physical effects, his father was badly traumatised and suffered a degree of memory loss.  For nearly a week his recovery was uncertain.  Prayers were said in St Nicholas’ during the family service in May.

You will be glad to know that Emmanuel’s father, whose name is Shadrack, has recovered from the mental shock he was clearly suffering from.  The physical effects are improving also.  Emmanuel has sent photographs which are graphic and distressing and the head wound will take time to heal.  Fortunately, after initial treatment at a local clinic, he was transferred to a hospital.  Please remember to pray for Shadrack’s complete recovery.

The culprit was arrested and is being held in police custody.  The motive is unclear.

As mentioned last month, Emmanuel has plans for several Summer clubs, an away weekend and a friendly meal for the combined Good News Clubs children and their parents.  We thank God for answered prayer concerning Emmanuel’s new situation since Christmas and we thank God for Shadrack’s recovery to date.
Lynn Rodgers, Sunday School Superintendent

Crèche Rota July 2018

1st    Carol Moneypenny, Tamera Milligan
8th     Ann Hodge, Sharon McMaster
15th     John Kane, Ciara Lester
22nd     Faye Hamilton, Valerie Leighton
29th      Karen Bell, Rachel McVeigh

Crèche Rota August 2018

5th    Lorraine Gibson, Tamera Milligan
12th     Ann Hodge, Deirdre Beck
19th     John Kane, Kathleen Arthur
26th     Faye Hamilton, Christine Stewart

The Crèche is in the Choir Vestry.  Children can be left there from 10.50 am each Sunday.   It would be appreciated if those who kindly staff the Crèche would be there in good time.  If you can't be present on a Sunday listed, please arrange for another of the volunteers to cover for you. Thank you for your co-operation.


Please organise within your group as to who will bring milk and biscuits.  If you cannot be present on the Sunday listed, please arrange for another volunteer to cover for you.   Many thanks for your support.


Sally Campbell Tina Campbell Carol Anderson

Tamera Milligan Heather Parkes Colin Parkes

Valerie Kirk Robin Gray Joan Gray

Deirdre Beck Valerie Leighton Linda Mulvenny

Christine Cahoon Nadine Davison Patricia Wilson


Kaye Cheshire Doris Close Kathleen Arthur

Marion Money Janet Davis Diane Strain

Alison Clarke Maureen Jackson Carol Campbell

Dianne Innes Janice Nelson Karen Miles

Calling all Crafters

We are continuing during the Summer!
4th Thursday in July & 2nd & 4th Thursday in August
10 am – 12 noon in the Minor Hall
For further details contact Janice Nelson on 028 9336 0415
Everyone welcome

Christian Burial

‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’

6th June 2018
Margaret Bentley McVeigh
Formerly of Rosebrook Avenue, Carrickfergus

9th June 2018
Elizabeth (Lillian) McDevitt, 2 Macneice Fold, Carrickfergus

12th June 2018
Iris Young, 4 Castlemara Walk, Carrickfergus



Bible Stories    Quizzes    Games

All children of Primary School age are very welcome to come along each Sunday.  The first Sunday Funday Club starts at 11 am Sunday 1st July in the Church Halls. 
Children will leave from church on subsequent weeks.

If any parishioner known to you is sick or in hospital,
please contact the church office or the clergy
so that they may be visited.  Thank you


Parishioners wishing to see clergy during the vestry hour on
Wednesday evenings are asked to ring the office on
028 9336 0061 to book an appointment. 
This is to avoid clergy waiting in the church hall unnecessarily.
Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


1st        Johnnie McAlister
8th         Rachel McVeigh 
15th        Julie Irvine
22nd         Gillian Dalton
29th        Gordon Dalton


        Morning                Evening
5th        Graeme Miles           
12th         Johnnie McAlister        Steven Todd
19th        Rachel McVeigh            Glenn Nelson
26th         Julie Irvine                Gordon Dalton

Services in JuLY 2018

1st    9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Holy Communion—God is Holy
            Isaiah 6 v 1-8
            Hebrews 12 v 22-29
    6.30 pm    Venue: Joymount Presbyterian Church
            Psalm 73

8th     9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Service of the Word—God is Sufficient
            Acts 17 v 22-34
    6.30 pm    Venue: Joymount Presbyterian Church
            Psalm 76

15th    9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Service of the Word—God is Good
            Psalm 34 v 1-10
    6.30 pm    Venue: Joymount Presbyterian Church
            Psalm  77

22nd     9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Service of the Word—God is Trustworthy
            Psalm 22 v 1-5
    6.30 pm    Venue: Carrickfergus Methodist Church
            Psalm 80

29th     9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Service of the Word—God is Love
            1 John 4 v 7-21
    6.30 pm    Venue: Carrickfergus Methodist Church
            Psalm 84

Services in AUGUST 2018

5th    9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Holy Communion—God is Self-sacrificing
            Isaiah 53 v 7-12 & John 10 v 1-21
    6.30 pm    Venue: Carrickfergus Methodist Church
            Psalm 90

12th    9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Service of the Word—God is a Reconciler
            2 Corinthians 5 v 16-21
    6.30 pm    Venue: St Nicholas’ Church
            Psalm 96

19th     9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Service of the Word—God is Worthy
            Luke 10 v 38-42
    6.30 pm    Venue: St Nicholas’ Church
            Psalm 101

26th    9.30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Service of the Word—God is Christ
            John 14 v 6-14
    6.30 pm    Venue: St Nicholas’ Church
            Psalm 103

St Nicholas Sketch